Miss Odomo has a fine line to walk here. I wonder how long she can keep it up.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Orson stands up, holographic screen open and ready. Miss Odomo: "Orson. Sure, go ahead."
Panel 2: Orson clears his throat. Orson: "Ahem. I call this one 'Broken Bones.'"
Panel 3: Orson: "Everyfing is ashes. Ashes in my mouf. They promised us a better world and burnt it to the ground."
Panel 4: Orson: "Broken bones! Broken bones! They beat us when we're down!"
Panel 5: Orson: "Bro-" Miss Odomo interrupts him. Miss Odomo: "Orson! Orson. Wait a moment."
Panel 6: Miss Odomo: "You know how I feel about free expression. But I am your teacher and you are at school. Don't say anyting that will force me to make... hard decisions."
Panel 7: Miss Odomo, turning to Tahmaseb: "As a mate a mine always is sayin, "The pen is mightier than the sword. So be cautious who knows you have a pen."