↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Hansa sits down moodily as Maida only half-turns to acknowledge her. Maida: "Angels! How can everyone still tell?" Hansa: "Wow! Alright. Maybe I'm glad I don't know you, dada."
Panel 2: Maida sulks as Maria looks away. Behind them, Hansa turns to say something to the boy beside her.
Panel 3: Miss Odomo: "...If you were here a pair a weeks ago, you'll remember Tahmaseb..."
Panel 4: Miss Odomo: "He's in my poetry class at Gagarin Uni." Tahmaseb, waving: "Hiya."
Panel 5: Tahmaseb: "I'm just in first year uni. We never had a poetry club at my secondary. I need to catch up for lost time."
Panel 6: Miss Odomo: "Care to start us off wit one a your poems?"
Panel 7: Tahmaseb scrolls through a holographic screen. Tahmaseb: "Oh! Sure. Let me just find one. They're not very good, yet. My visual art is my real passion."
Panel 8: The lanky, Asian goth next to Maida puts his hand up. Orson: "I've got one ready, Miss."