I like Orson’s face.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Miss Odomo and Tahmaseb share a conspiratorial look. Tahmaseb: "Is that mate who I fink it is?" Miss Odomo: "One name? Starts wit 'S?' Who else?"
Panel 2: Miss Odomo: "Have you found a poem yet?" Tahmaseb: "Sure. How about this one?"
Panel 3: Orson leans over and offers his hand to Maida, who leaves it where it is. Orson: "Heya. I'm Orson." Maida: "Maida."
Panel 4: Orson: "I fought I knew everyone at this school, but I don't know you. Are you new?"
Panel 5: Maida gives him a mischievous look while Maria scowls. Maida: "Actually, I don't go here. Maria and I sort of... sneaked in."
Panel 6: Orson: "Yeh! Yeh! That's fantastic. I had no idea our little poetry club had become so... infamous!"
Panel 7: Orson taps the side of his nose knowingly. Orson: "I'm a revolutionary myself, you know."
Panel 8: Hansa, rolling her eyes: "Oh, god. Not this again." Maida: "A what?"