Maida Kilwa was born on Mars. Life was peaceful and happy until invaders from the twin moons Phobos and Deimos took advantage of a political vacuum and started terrorizing Mars’ highland regions. She lost her dad, and her cousin, and her brother was kidnapped. She fled to Earth with her aunt in search of a better life.

What she found was a society rigidly divided by class, gender, and religion, where Martians are “fugees,” and must survive on the charity of others. Also, secondary school is rough and making friends is hard.

Maida has done her best to fit in and find a clique of allies at school. She’s also been spending more time with a group of young, self-proclaimed revolutionaries. Because plenty of people aren’t satisfied with Earth’s status quo, and change is on the wind. There’s a Coherence Crisis coming.


Phobos and Deimos is a YA graphic novel posted weekly on the internet, or twice weekly if I can ever get my act together. It will be about 500 pages when finished. It’s drawn by Jonathon Dalton, who has other webcomics on other parts of the internet, but this one was too big and needed its own site.

I started writing this comic while living in East London circa 2005 and working as a teacher there, teaching kids who the system seemed only grudgingly interested in helping if at all, who all spoke with brilliant Estuary English accents that I miss now that I’m back in Canada. Everyone I knew was either from somewhere else, or within three generations of having come from somewhere else, and so was I, and it was great.