“Hao jiu bu jian.” Mandarin. Literally, “long time no see.”

“Kimangala.” Someone from Mangala, so, a Martian.

I’ve been waiting nearly a hundred pages to draw these characters, and now I get to start sharing them with all of you.

The girl with the pink gloves is wearing gold makeup on her cheeks, which is something she must have had passed down to her from Burmese ancestors, since that’s a thing people do in Burma. I also want to say, since we haven’t had a chance to see it up close until now, that I really like the outfit I gave Maida for this scene. If goths were a thing in this world, Maida would dress like a goth as often as possible.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maria and Maida approach a classroom door. Maria: "Here we are." Maida: "Do we just go in?" Maria: "Yeh. I told Miss Odomo we were coming, so it should be alright."
Panel 2: Maria turns the doorknob.
Panel 3: Miss Odomo is a middle-aged, light brown woman dressed all in black with a flapper hat on her curly hair. She sits on top of her desk, and a light-skinned boy with scruffy hair and a scruffy coat stands beside her. The classroom has a handful of colourful characters sitting in chairs facing the front. Maria waves as she and Maida come into the room. Miss Odomo: "Okay! I tink we're all here now... Maria! Hao jiu bu jian! Sit down!"
Panel 4: Miss Odomo: "It's goin to be a short session today. I have to be at Gagarin Uni in a pair a hours. End a term is always very busy, a course." Maida pulls up a chair next to a tall, Asian boy dressed all in black and chains with spiky hair, and in front of a small Southeast Asian girl with astronaut pants and gold makeup on her cheeks.
Panel 5: The girl with makeup on her cheeks, Hansa, leans over to talk to Maida. Hansa: "Habari. Karibu. Are you Kimangala, then?"