Fractions and farangs versus fugees is the oldest story ever told.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maria sighs. Maria: "Probably. But it's too late to change course now, innit!"
Panel 2: A poster on the school wall says "B a Rebel. Stay (in) Scool."
Panel 3: They walk past a set of lockers with chicken wire for doors so you can see inside, a poster for a Christian social club, and two students dressed in brightly-coloured travel clothes. Maria: "My mum is a fugee, you know." Maida: "What? Really?"
Panel 4: Maria: "A fugee can marry up and join one of the 'igher classes, but my mum married a farang, anovver F-class, so she'll always be a fugee."
Panel 5: Maria: "I was born on Earth but so many kids at this school are fugees I always go lumped in wiff them-- picked on non-stop by fractions and farangs. I can't even speak Venusian Esperanto!" Maria and Maida walk between two groups of students-- fugees with their flowing fabric and jumpsuits on one side, and the other F-classes with their patchwork coats and hats.
Panel 6: Maria: "There's two kinds of kids at this school and I don't fit in eivver group. At O.L.P.I. it's easier to be invisible."
Panel 7: Maria: "Getting into O.L.P.I. was just what I needed. It's like winning the lottery!" Maida: "I've never actually heard you say anyfing good about O.L.P.I. before."
Panel 8: Maria, smiling: "Oh, it's dreadful. I 'ate it. But one more year and one more monf and it'll be over and I can start being me. Whatever that means."