Zaynab has had time to think through some things very thoroughly. And other things, not so much.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida looks increasingly concerned. Maida: "Oh. Oh."
Panel 2: A montage of every time Zaynab touched Maida, innocent until provided context and taken together. Zaynab touches Maida's shoulder to comfort her. Zaynab touches Maida's arm to get her attention. And the same with her hand. Maida and Zaynab hold hands. Zaynab puts her hand on Maida's. Zaynab hold Maida's hands while talking to her. They bump into each other. Zaynab holds Maida's hand to share a happy moment. Zaynab straightens Maida's hijab. Zaynab leans against Maida, tired.
Panel 3: Zaynab, hiding her face: "Now everybody's gonna fink I'm in love wiff you, and everyone's gonna know I'm gay!"
Panel 4: Maida: "How come I didn't know? That you're gay, I mean."
Panel 5: Zaynab, leaning her head against the wall: "Maida, most of the girls at our school are straight."
Panel 6: Zaynab, wiping her tears away: "You have it easy. There's no one you could fancy, so you don't have to worry about rumours."
Panel 7: Maida: "Well! I fink it's stupid that schools on Earth are split by gender. Is it a religious fing?"
Panel 8: Zaynab, slightly confused: "What do you mean? It's so boys and girls don't spend all day lusting after each other instead of studying."
Panel 9: Zaynab, very concerned: "I mean, can you imagine? That would be awful."