↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida: "But... You and Maria...
Panel 2: Maida: "Oh! Zaynab! Do your parents know you're gay?" Zaynab: "Huh?"
Panel 3: "Oh course they know. Why wouldn't they? I love my parents."
Panel 4: Jewana's hologram returns via Maida's projection device. Jewana: "Bad news, girls."
Panel 5: Jewana: "I just checked, like, ten different games and that picture's in all of them." Zaynab (upset): "WAAH!"
Panel 6: Maida: "It's obviously Nat and Thurga. They're all games on the school server, yeh?" Jewana: "Right."
Panel 7: Zaynab: "Those two hacked the school server?" Maida: "Well, it's not hard."