Maria should probably be given the chance to speak for herself rather than Jewana doing it for her.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Back in Maida's flat. Maida sits on her sofa and takes her glasses off. Maria and Jewana are only present by hologram. Zaynab has fled and slammed the front door behind her. Maida: "Zaynab! It's just a picture! It's not a big deal!"
Panel 2: Jewana: "Umm... Maida... Did you not know Zaynab fancies girls?" Maida, surprised: "What?"
Panel 3: Maria: "Jewana, Zaynab can fancy w'oever she likes." Jewana: "Obviously." Maria: "And she don't have to tell us noffing. I don't tell you everyfing." Jewana: "You have, though. We know you don't want to be a girl."
Panel 4: Maida, with her hijab back on, steps out her front door to find Zaynab sitting in a corner with her head in her hands. Maida: "Zaynab?" Zaynab: "My life is over!"
Panel 5: Zaynab, in tears: "You have to believe me. I didn't put that picture there!"
Panel 6: Maida, kneeling down to Zaynab's level: "What? Of course you didn't. Why would you do that?" Zaynab: "I don't know! To make you fall in love wiff me?"