Thurga could make a crocodile weep in sympathy.

The sport teams at OLPI are called the “Industry Lionessz.”

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Thurga shakes her head in surprise. Thurga: "Wow and I fought you were cool." Nat: "I fink she finks she's too good for us, Thurga!"
Panel 2: Thurga sheds crocodile tears. Thurga: I feel so attacked, you know? Like I ain't even wanted."
Panel 3: Nat and Thurga get up and start walking away. Nat: "You know what Miss says when you're being bullied. Just walk away!" Thurga: "Right!"
Panel 4: The nun points at the girls angrily. Nun: "Oi! You two! You sit right back down!"
Panel 5: Nat makes a rude gesture at the nun as she and Thurga walk towards the exit. Nun: "That's on camera! I'll write you both up for this! Don't you dare walk out that door!"
Panel 6: The door slams, meanwhile Maida remains sitting on her bench in shock.