I’ve really been looking forward to this scene. It changed many times in the writing stage, and I’m pretty proud of how it’s turned out. This is the first time I’ve ever wished I was making a comic primarily about video games.

I’ve been able to maintain twice-weekly updates for a while now, but I’m halfway through moving at the moment, and I’m worried I’m going to burn through my buffer before I once again have time to keep making pages faster than they go up. So I’m going to go back down to updating once a week for the next month or two. I promise this is all in service to returning to twice a week as quickly as possible without missing a week entirely. And in the meantime, you get pages of Apocalypse Ant.

Oh P.S. Maida got a new haircut at some point.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida puts on glasses. (She has short hair now). Maida: "Ready?"
Panel 2: The other girls have glasses on too. Zaynab: "Ready."
Panel 3: Jewana: "Yep."
Panel 4: Maria: "Let's go."
Panel 5: BLUE ANTS V. A.I. RED. GO!
Panel 6: Four Apocalypse Ant avatars spawn at the centre of a tunneled-out labyrinth. They each have sci-fi armour, two pairs of arms, and a blue badge. The walls of the cavern contain humanoid ant bones and bits of derelict technology.
Panel 7: Maida's avatar is a gruff ant with a beard and a pencil turned into a bazooka. Maida's avatar: "Alright! We've got twenty minutes on the clock."
Panel 8: The avatars sit around a holographic map of the game level as Maida's avatar points out key features. Maida's avatar: "Maria and Jewana, you go left and clear out any enemy there. Zaynab and me will go right."
Panel 9: Zaynab's avatar, Ant-onia, is a petite, pink and blonde ant with bows on her antennae. Ant-onia: "Ant-onia. My name is Ant-onia."