The school I taught at in England didn’t have a proper gym, just a hall, and didn’t have places to sit for events except the floor. I asked twitter if there’s a different name for what North Americans might call “bleachers,” and a few people responded that they didn’t have a better word than “risers,” which is what I went with in this scene.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida, still out of breath and frustrated, sits at the bottom of the wooden risers. Nat and Thurga look over at her casually.
Panel 2: Nat: "What a bitch, am I right?" Thurga: "Going after a nice girl like Maida Martian? That just ain't right."
Panel 3: Maida: "Shut the Hell up, okay?"
Panel 4: Thurga: "Oi! What's your problem!" Nat, feigning shock: "Jesus, Maida!"
Panel 5: Nat: "We're just trying to be friendly, innit! No need to swear!" Maida, arms crossed: "Yeah, right!"
Panel 6: Maida: "All you lot have done since I got here is 'arras me. Maybe I'm done putting up wiff that."