What would a school gym look like in the future? I figure that rather than have the floor marked out for a dozen different games with overlapping lines as is typical today, why not have the floor set up to project the markings it needs for each individual sport on demand. OLPI might not have a lot of obvious technology available for academic classes, but this is SPORT.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Students walk through school hallways after the assembly is over.
Panel 2: Exterior shot of the school building. Narrator: "It wasn't all good news, of course."
Panel 3: Students in uniform blue track suits run laps around the gym while a grey-clad nun oversees them. Narrator: "The doctor bots decided I was cleared to start attending P.E."
Panel 4: Maida stops to catch her breath, barely able to keep standing. Maida: "Gasp! Hah. Ha. Cough cough. Hah. Hah."
Panel 5: The nun with the sour face shouts at her. Nun: "MAIDA KILWA! You're OUT! Go sit on the risers wiff the others!"
Panel 6: The other girls continue to run laps as Maida trudges in the other direction, holding her diaphragm and continuing to cough. Nun: "Move it! Out the way! MARCH!"