Ui-Te-Rangiora was a Maori explorer who was probably the first known person to ever set sight on Antarctica. He didn’t land there. It was pretty obviously inhospitable. But I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to name a university after him, in Antarctica.

I designed the look of this university after the Barbican, one of my favourite locations in London. Look it up. It’s neat.

This coffee shop is colloquially known as “Coffee Coffee Coffee” to people who frequent it, as its only apparent title is “coffee” in a bunch of different languages.

↓ Transcript
Street scenes. Panel 1: an urban sidewalk with shops, people milling about, and a train station called "London Street Station."
Panel 2: Armoured cops hastle a homeless man, pulling down his tent.
Panel 3: A downward shot of a mostly empty street. The buildings are held up by a system of support beams.
Panel 4: Narrator: "Ui-Te-Rangiora University." The university buildings are all brutalist concrete, with lots of levels and trees. A stream runs through it. There is a statue of a Maori sailor.
Panel 5: Close in on a cafe, with a sign that says "coffee" in English, Esperanto, Chinese, Arabic, and Swahili. The cafe is closed, but full of people.