↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Srinivasa: "There won't be lyke records of what's gone on inside. But they won't have any trouble gettin data on who has ever been in or out of Club."
Panel 2: Srinivasa: "That's why others asked me to warn everyone. I've never lyke been here in person." Maida, shaking: "Oh my days. Oh no."
Panel 3: Maida starts walking back down the alley she had come up. Maida: "What do I do? Are they gonna go after all of us?" Srinivasa: "I doubt it. Rivkah's the one who's published against them. She and her husband Finnegan have the lease on that building."
Panel 4: Srinivasa: "First public rally was supposed to be tomorrow. This is no coincidence. All of us had been coordinatin through Rivkah. This looks lyke surgical stryke to prevent rally from happenin, though, rather than wide scoop to catch up everybody."
Panel 5: Srinivasa: "They could done that more easily by waitin a day. Stay out of trouble and wait for instructions. I gotta warn others." He vanishes in a cloud of water vapour. Maida: "Wait!"
Panel 6: Maida slowly walks down to the other end of the way she had come. A sign on the far end of the alley calls it "Copan Lane." She gets out her ID card and starts typing on it. Narrator: "Tahmaseb!"