Hansa doesn’t have her gold cheek makeup because she’s at work.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: About two dozen young revolutionaries fill out the inside of the coffee shop, including many of our main characters. Toya has her feet on one of the tables. Hansa: "Feet off the table."
Panel 2: Hansa is missing her gold makeup and wearing a coffee shop apron. Hansa: "Come on, Toya. I just cleared up." Toya slowly removes her clunky boots from the table top. Toya: "Fine!"
Panel 3: Maida is sitting at a table with Zaynab, Tahmaseb, Maria, and two unknown people. Maida: "I wasn't in any of Rivkah's classes, but it's pretty strange not having her at school this past week." Zaynab: "Oh, Maida!" Tahmaseb: "I'll bet!"
Panel 3: Maida: "It's the only thing anyone can talk about. Of course all their theories about her arrest are complete bollocks."
Panel 4: Maida, turning to Tahmaseb: "Sigh. So, are you leading this meeting?" Tahmaseb: "I guess so! Unless you want to volunteer."
Panel 5: Maida: "Noooo. Zaynab? How about it?" Zaynab, shocked: "Wot?! Me?!"
Panel 6: Tahmaseb stands up and addresses the room. Tahmaseb: "Ahem. Alright! Fank-you lot for coming. If we don't know each other personally, Srinivasa gave me your name from his list."