↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Boss: "That's the clean room. Ya don't need access to that."
Panel 2: Boss: "Shidafu use CPU lyke this one for their mathematical predictions. Since their data is classified, Ms. Begzadi must make her own estimates of future events."
Panel 3: Boss: "We leave that to older students, who know how the algorithm works, but who haven't signed nondisclosure pact that lyke certified shidafu get."
Panel 4: Boss: "Shidafu ombuds knows we have a quantum cube, but Ms. Begzadi is lyke very important person. So."
Panel 5: Boss (walking away): "alright, drop off that empty and get back to work, eh?" Maida: "Yes, sir."
Panel 6: Maida still holds the empty canister as she looks one more time into the clean room, with the glowing quantum cube in the middle.
Panel 7: Outside shot of the Research Systems building where all is quiet.