What indeed?

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Boss: "Shidafu are trained to manipulate market to stabilize civilization. That's their agenda."
Panel 2: Boss: "Ms. Begzadi's agenda is to make money. Keen eye for how the market is bein manipulated makes difference between millions and billions in revenue for her." They come to a narrow hallway with a few large metal canisters against the wall.
Panel 3: He takes a canister out of the receptacle it's embedded in in one wall. Boss: "Alright. This coolant tank needs to be changed out once a day, at about 5:00. On yur days that'll be yur job."
Panel 4: He puts the old canister down on the floor.
Panel 5: He snaps a new canister into place in the wall. Boss: "New tanks are in locker behind ya. Empties go to front desk robot."
Panel 6: He hands the old canister to Maida to carry. Boss: "Deliverin empty to font desk is how we know ya didn't forget. Clear?"
Panel 7: Boss: "This equipment is worth more than either one of us will ever make in our lives. Don't screw it up, eh?" Maida: "Yes, sir. What..." She looks in the window in the wall beside the canister receptacle.
Panel 8: Maida: "What is it?" Through the window is a metal room full of wires and computer equipment. vapour falls from somewhere in the ceiling and collects around the floor. A blue, glowing cube is positioned in the centre of the room, with dozens of cables connecting it to the walls.