↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Narrator: "Visiting the Club of the Suns has become so much more important now that I see my friends so rarely." Maida hurries up the concrete steps of a narrow, winding alley. She passes by a shop called "Alley Codex."
Panel 2: Her device rings and water vapour starts coming out of the chain around her neck.
Panel 3: The water vapour coalesces into a bust of Srinivasa, the revolutionaries security guy. Srinivasa: "Maida, stop." Maida: "Srinivasa?"
Panel 4: Srinivasa: "There's trouble at Club of the Suns. Don't go any closer."
Panel 5: Maida peeks around a corner out onto the street. Srinivasa: "Ya can look but be careful no one sees ya, eh?"
Panel 6: There is a line of police cruisers parked on the street outside the Club of the Suns. Cops in head-to-toe black armour stand around, direct traffic, or guide prisoners out of the club. Each cop has an identical bird either on a shoulder or else hanging around nearby.
Panel 7: Maida turns back to Srinivasa, distraught. Maida: "Rivkah!" Srinivasa: "It's too late. If they don't have her yet, they will soon. I haven't been able to reach her."