↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Tahmaseb: "I know it's different on Mars, but here, divorce is the only way to completely quit your parents and relatives."
Panel 2: "Ovverwise, you'll always be tied to their finances, class, everyfing. Legally under their fumb, for your whole life." Maida: "Oh."
Panel 3: Tahmaseb: "It's because of family compacts. The shidafu like to brag that they put a stop to the power of the big corporations from the modern age." Tahmaseb and Maida continue walking hand in hand. In front of them Toya and Annette high-five over making Zaynab feel uncomfortable.
Panel 4: Tahmaseb: "But once the corporations were gone, people had to have a way to still keep the money they made, so family compacts basically replaced them straight away."
Panel 5: Tahmaseb: "Compacts literally 'keep it in the family' for all time." Maida: (patting Tahmaseb's hand) "Oh, I get it."
Panel 6: Maida (smiling): "You're an orphan!"
Panel 7: Tahmaseb: (caught off guard) "Wot?"
Panel 8: Maida leans in close as Tahmaseb smiles. Maida: "My cute little orphan boy!"