↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Caption: "Seven months, two weeks left." Maida, Toya, Xiaoping, and Annette sit together in the dinner hall near the end of break.
Panel 2: Announcement: "Maida Kilwa, please report to the head teacher's office immediately."
Panel 3: Maida stands up with resignation. Maida: "Well. Here we go." Toya (encouragingly): "Give her hell, mate!"
Panel 4: The door of the head teacher's office.
Panel 5: Maida sits down in a chair opposite the head teacher's desk as she looks over a holographic screen.
Panel 6: The head teacher doesn't say anything at first, just sitting there thinking.
Panel 7: Head Teacher: "Miss Kilwa, your record this year has bin abysmal."
Panel 8: Head Teacher: "Your test scores are well down. Our Lady of Perpetual Industry is not in the business of 'elping girls who will not help themselves. But it's your be'aviour I'm most concerned about."