I like this page. It was fun to draw.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida and Tahmaseb hold hands as they walk away from the Club of the Suns, down a hill lined with shops. Some distance ahead of them, Zaynab, Annette, and Toya walk the same direction. Zaynab: (nervously) "I fink maybe that one girl, 'Ansa, might have bin 'itting on me a bit." Annette: "Oh, do you fink so?" Zaynab: (quietly) "I mean it was hard to tell. She was a cartoon radish most of the time."
Panel 2: Toya: "Sooo obvious that she was, yeh?" Annette: "Super obvious." Zaynab: (very embarrassed) "S-super obvious? Oh my days."
Panel 3: Toya: "So? What do you fink, chamchi?"
Panel 4: Zaynab: "About what?! About me and her? No, no, no! Th-that's impossible!"
Panel 5: Zaynab: (blushing) "I mean she's not even a Muslim, is it! She goes to uni!"
Panel 6: Maida: (to Tahmaseb) "Tahmaseb, I've been meaning to ask. How come you never talk about your family? I've told you about mine."
Panel 7: Tahmaseb: "Well. I'm not part of a family. I divorced them." Maida: "Huh?"