↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida and Tahmaseb hug.
Panel 2: Maida, introducing her friends: "Tahmaseb, Hansa, this is Toya, Annette, and Zaynab. Xiaoping couldn't come." Zaynab: "Hiya."
Panel 3: Hansa leans on a table next to Zaynab and talks only to her. Hansa: "Hello." Zaynab, startled and blushing: "Um. What?"
Panel 4: Tahmaseb (to Maida): "You and your mates can go on up. Me and 'Ansa are just tidying up down here for Rivkah." Maida: "Sure!"
Panel 5: Maida leads her friends through a back exit in the main room of the club. Maida: "This way, girls! Onward and upward!"
Panel 6: Through the doors there is a steep staircase leading up past the other businesses. They start climbing. Maida: "For the real high security meetings, we have to use the buxiban."