And so we return to the world of Kukuku.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: They continue to climb the stairs. Maida: "The wifi blockers cut us off from the main internet... But because they do testing here, Rivkah and the others can use a private server to link us up anonymously with each other."
Panel 2: Toya, excitedly: "Yeh! Nice! That's some serious spy stuff, mate!"
Panel 3: They come out into a clinical office hallway. The walls are lined with doors. Maida: "Okay! Pick an empty booth and plug in. We'll find each other on the other side."
Panel 4: Maida gives Zaynab a thumbs-up as they both enter neighbouring doors.
Panel 5: Maida sits at a small desk in the booth. There is a pair of glasses on the desk. A poster on the door behind her reads, "Earn Ur place in society."
Panel 6: Maida puts the glasses on.
Panel 7: Maida is once again her rooster avatar from Kukuku.