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A buxiban is a cram school. I used to work at one. Nobody called them cram schools though, because what’s that? It’s a buxiban.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: The Club of the Suns is nestled in an out of the way corner underneath a store named "Instaprint," and one called "Clever Cat Buxiban & Testing Centre." It's lit up by a glowing sign with three suns on it on a steeply inclined street.
Panel 2: The inside is empty of people. Maida, Toya, Zaynab, and Annette walk down a staircase from the entrance-way. Maida: "This is where the meetings usually are."
Panel 3: Maida: "There's a school... You know, a buxiban? Upstairs, so they have legal access to wifi blockers." Zaynab: "There's no wifi at all?"
Panel 4: Toya: "Well! Ovverwise the government could listen in, right?" Zaynab (with visible concern): "I don't know about this place."
Panel 5: Annette: "Come on Zaynab! Live a little!"
Panel 6: They approach Tahmaseb and Hansa, who are stacking chairs onto tables. Maida: "Tahm!" Tahmaseb: "Maida!"