↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida and Zaynab's avatars patrol down a tunnel with humanoid ant skeletons and Corinthian columns. Maida's avatar: "We beat Sri Cit., but we're up against Ubuntu Academic in a few days, and we need to get our..." Jewana's avatar, from a distance: "Ahk! Angels! Um... girls?"
Panel 2: Maida's avatar: "Did you find the Red Ants?" Jewana's avatar, looking concerned: "Not exactly!"
Panel 3: Maida's avatar bumps into Ant-onia, who's in cold shock. Ant-onia: "Eep"
Panel 4: The two avatars look up at a large, digitally-inserted image of Maida and Zaynab standing close with hearts photoshopped in.
Panel 5: Jewana and Maria's avatars come running to catch up with Maida's and Zaynab's, still both in shock. Jewana's avatar: "Oh! There's anovver one!" Ant-onia: "Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh."
Panel 6: Ant-onia pops out of existence in a shower of soap bubbles. Maria's avatar: "Zaynab!"