The internet of the future is quite a different place. Just because “information wants to be free” doesn’t mean it gets to be, especially if that information is your opinion about your teachers.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida's avatar: "Ant-onia. Now we have nineteen minutes."
Panel 2: The players split up and each charge down a different passageway in the labyrinth. Maida's avatar: "Go! Go! Go!"
Panel 3: Jewana's avatar has mechanical ant wings made out of spider web, and Maria's is pretty masc and has a bazooka. Jewana's avatar: "Oi, Maria. Did you get that book read for 'istory?" Maria's avatar: "Not exactly. I just read a few summaries of it I found."
Panel 4: Maria's avatar: "Miss Wu only ever marks the quizzes she gives us, so I can't be bovvered wiff the reading."
Panel 5: Ant-onia, from some distance away: "Careful, girls! This is a school server, innit. If she name-searches 'erself..."
Panel 6: Jewana's avatar, rolling her eyes: "Oh, Zaynab! Miss Wu is too scatter-brained to do somefing like that."
Panel 7: Maida and Zaynab explore a tunnel with a giant nautilus shell in the wall and some mysterious crystals while Maria kills giant millipedes in her and Jewana's tunnel. Jewana's avatar: "Now old Santiago on the other hand!" Maida's avatar: "Head in the game, girls!"