Ah, public humiliation. A classic technique of English education. You might wonder why this is still happening in the 25th century, but why stop if it produces the results you’re looking for?

Toya is Mongolian. I can’t remember if I’d mentioned that before. Or at least one of her dads is. In an earlier draft of the story we were going to meet them later on, but I dropped that scene. Which means we’ll never get to know if they’re actually disappointed in their daughter, or whether the Head just says they are.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Priya walks in front of the audience self-consciously. Head Teacher: "Drinking alco'ol at a unchaperoned party, Miss Kalasnivoka."
Panel 2: Head Teacher: "You're lucky your grandfavver is such a respected vaisya, and this weren't on school grounds, or it'd be exclusion for sure."
Panel 3: Head Teacher: "Toya Uranchimeg." Toya walks towards the front nervously. Toya: "Ulp. S-sorry, Miss." Head Teacher: "Skipping class seven times this monf. I've spoken to your favvers and they are not impressed, Uranchimeg."
Panel 4: Toya walks past the Head, glancing back unrepentantly. Head Teacher (looking the other way): "Natalie Fisher."
Panel 5: Nat looks over, unconcerned. Head Teacher: "Disrespecting your teachers again, Miss Fisher. You were up here for the same fing last monf!"
Panel 6: Nat moves along as Thurga walks across the stage. Head Teacher: "And Thurga Ramakrishnan, Miss Fisher's partner in crime. Ramakrishnan, if you don't smarten up and start making your own decisions, you risk becoming a permanent blotch on your family's reputation."
Panel 7: Head Teacher, looking stern: "OLPI is not a charity school. I want all of you girls to fink on why you deserve to be here, and to pray that you earn your keep."