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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida and her friends return to their seats along the wall of the gym. Head Teacher: "Fank-you, girls." Saranjit (calling out across the audience): "Oi! Maida!"
Panel 2: Saranjit: "Good work! You lot were brilliant!"
Panel 3: Nat and Thurga stand against the wall, looking over at Maida, with sour expressions on their faces.
Panel 4: Maida, cheerful and oblivious to Nat and Thurga's attention: "Oh! Saranjit! Cheers!"
Panel 5: A firecracker goes off in Nat's head.
Panel 6: Head Teacher: "And now, it falls to me to air some of OLPI's more unpleasant business. When you hear your name, step forward."
Panel 7: A line of girls stands along the side of the gym. One of them, a skinny, sullen girl in a white headscarf, flinches nervously at being called on. Head Teacher: "Priya Kalasnikova."