The preceeding has been a holographic stage production of the history of the Earth Republic from OLPI’s Republic Girls’ Club.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: The Founder sends a gang of riot cops after the revolutionaries, who flee. Narrator: "...Bringing us closer to permanent civilisation for all of 'umanity."
Panel 2: A row of ancient Sumerians from all walks of life march across panel to the right. Narrator: "Since the first cities were built in Mesopotamia, we've dreamt of bringing the world togevver as a single civilisation."
Panel 3: A row of modern people, including an amelu, a vaisya, a sudra, and a factor, march across to the left in front of a domed city. Narrator: "For two 'undred years the Earth Republic has embodied this ancient dream of our ancestors."
Panel 4: The whole scene evaporates into holographic light and water vapour to reveal a row of teenage actors in track suits. Hilda (the narrator): "And every day we work to keep Earth on the paff of peace and righteousness."
Panel 5: The actors bow in front of an audience of OLPI students who applaud for them. The Head Teacher, a severe nun in yellow sunglasses, applauds as well. Head teacher: "Fank-you, Miss 'Ildebrandt."