The three revolutionaries represent nihilism (a skull), communism (a star), and money (yuan).

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: A Catholic pope holds the Bible while a grey-beard politician swears an oath. Narrator: "Good Leadership. Our leaders would be people who deserved power, not just w'oever had the most votes."
Panel 2: A phalanx of teenage soldiers in black and white uniforms march in formation. Narrator: "Global Peace. An end to all war on Earth."
Panel 3: Muslim, Anglican, and Hindu priests shake hands. Narrator: "Religious Equality. All religions sharing power equally."
Panel 4: The South Asian Founder stands in front of a vast display of math while shadowy figures sneak by. Narrator: "And Crowd Physics. The algorivvm that predicts our future paff so that civilisation will only change at a reasonable pace."
Panel 5: The figures, stereotypical revolutionaries, surround the Founder. Narrator: "In every generation, the Earth Republic is tested by anovver co'erence crisis, a potential turning point."
Panel 6: The Founder turns away, but riot soldiers appear to defend him. Narrator: "But it's all part of the Founders' plan for us..."