Chamcha/chamchi: From Hindi/Urdu. A suck-up, literally a spoon.

“Yue lai, yue…”: From Mandarin. “More and more.”

I’ve coded Maida’s “horrible Martian accent” as Oxford English, by the way. She’s been speaking Oxford until now. I know that’s not obvious because I don’t know how to do it except with standard British spelling.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida and Safia stand against the wall of the gym, applauding. Narrator: "After six months on Earth I'd come a long way from the scared, fragile fugee I was when I landed."
Panel 2: The Head Teacher speaks to the audience of students. Head: "Miss 'Ildebrandt and the rest of the Republic Girls' Club have bin working on that presentation all semester."
Panel 3: Narrator: "I had friends, I had hobbies, I'd done my best to purge my horrible Martian accent..."
Panel 4: Safia elbows Maida and whispers to her, while Zaynab, standing on the other side, frowns. Safia: "What a ah-lian, eh?" Maida: "Total chamchi."
Panel 5: Head: "Our school has always placed well in the Republic Girls' Club challenge. I'll bet this year we win the trophy for sure!"
Panel 6: Narrator: "My project to transform into a regular Earther was moving along nicely."
Panel 7: Safia: "Yue lai, yue chamchi." Maida: snerk! Zaynab: "Shh!"