The Morales-Parmar household factory is a little bigger and more sophisticated than Maida’s desktop factory from last chapter.

Woodplast is artificial, 3D-printed wood. It has all the same molecular ingredients as real wood, but sprayed together in the aforementioned factory, and probably with the same consistency as particleboard.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Davinder shows Maida his room. It is big and littered with toys, with a bed in the middle decorated with cartoon dinosaurs. Davinder: "This is my room." Maida: "Kid, your room is bigger than my whole flat."
Panel 2: Davinder sits on the bed. Davinder: "See this bed, yeh? I made it today. I designed it and your auntie put it togevver for me."
Panel 3: Maida looks over at the large metal object at one side of the room. Maida: "That factory is huge." Davinder: "It's a G7. It can make most fings. It don't have all the base metals, but it makes quite good woodplast."
Panel 4: "Do you want to try it? You can give it a go. Make anyfing you want!"