Saranjit has ideas.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida, feeling confused: "Huh?"
Panel 2: Saranjit: "You don't know? You're clever, you're... not unattractive... If you ever got enough worffwhile friends to be considered popular, too?"
Panel 3: Saranjit, with a conspiratorial look: "Well that would be the recipe for gunpowder."
Panel 4: Maida: "What does that mean?" Davinder, tugging on her sleeve: "Come on! I want to show you my room!"
Panel 5: Saranjit, closing her holographic screen and smiling: "Just some 'elpful advice!"
Panel 6: Saranjit: "The girls at our school only have one fing in common wiff each other. Ambition. And for some girls, that means destroying the competition."
Panel 7: Saranjit: "So. Don't be the competition! Don't stand out to much. Don't be too perfect. Blending in is the best defence for girls like us."