↓ Transcript
Panel 1: The factory is a big, metal box with a glass door on the front and mysterious bits for printing things on the inside. There are panels on the side for storing elemental ingredients like water and carbon. Maida: "Anything?" Davinder: "Well, not anyfing. You have to find a pattern it can do. Obviously."
Panel 2: Maida thinks for a minute, tapping her chin. Maida: "...I know what I want."
Panel 3: She begins typing on the control panel while Davinder looks over her shoulder with a look of contempt. Davinder: "Clothes? Blech. That's girl stuff, innit!"
Panel 4: Maida: "There's the one."
Panel 5: Maida hits "print" for an outfit listed as "Spanish Bund - 2 Piece Set - Black" that looks exactly like the one she found in the market earlier.
Panel 6: The factory starts to noisily assemble the dress from base ingredients. Davinder: "Okay next it's my turn. I'm gonna make somefing fun." Maida: "It's your factory!"