I like Saranjit.

Saranjit Carolina Kaur Morales-Parmar is her name. Her brother is Davinder Eduardo Singh Morales-Parmar.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Saranjit: "Giving the Martian a tour?" Davinder: "What's it to you?"
Panel 2: Saranjit: "Pissant." Davinder: "Bully." Maida notices the work that Saranjit has out on her holographic screen.
Panel 3: Maida: "Oh... Um... Is that the coding homework? I just finished that."
Panel 4: Saranjit: "Why, yes it is. Here, Maida, help me wiff this phrase. I can't seem to get it out of a loop." She hands her keyboard and screen over to Maida.
Panel 5: Maida, pouring over the screen: "Oh! This one. Yeah, this one's tricky, but... You've got two variables with the same name, see? You have to define them separately." Davinder, rolling his eyes: "'Omewooork!"
Panel 6: Saranjit takes the screen back. Saranjit: "Hm. Not bad. You really know what you're doing wiff this."
Panel 7: Maida, smiling: "Oh, well, I took a lot of coding classes back on Mars. It's kind of fun, I guess." Saranjit, slyly: "You ought to be careful wiff that, though."