So yes, in case it wasn’t clear, the way the characters in this story use words like “vaisya” and “sudra” should not be confused with their past or present definitions. Repurposing old words in new ways is one of the main ways language changes over time.

Also, now you know how Maida can afford to go to her school.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida (uncertainly): "Good? Sir. It's... very different from school on Mars. It's taken some getting used to."
Panel 2: Ujana: "Sir, Maida's marks have been improving! Especially in science and maths. She studies very hard."
Panel 3: Mr. Morales-Parmar: "Good, good! Eat!" Ujana serves tea to Mr. and Mrs. Morales-Parmar.
Panel 4: Mr. Morales-Parmar: "O.L.P.I. is a solid, industrious school." Ujana offers tea to the daughter but she waves her off. Maida picks at the snacks on her plate.
Panel 5: Mr. Morales-Parmar: "They were full for the year, you know. But they made special allowances when I asked them to admit you."
Panel 6: Mr. Morales-Parmar, sipping his tea: "'Vaisya' and 'sudra' don't mean the same thing they did centuries ago. But as Sikhs we are still called upon to embody all social classes, and no social classes."
Panel 7: Mrs. Morales-Parmar: "We feel it's our duty to assist those who deserve better than what they have."