Papadum is a pun, although, I doubt many people are going to get it. “Papadum” is a delicious, crispy snack in South Asia (and on Mars, I assume. No one’s gonna settle there permanently if all they get is potatoes). “Papa” is the Swahili word for shark.

Get it?

Anyways. Papadum is Maida’s personal assistant, like Siri, only more good and more shark-shaped.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida sits down at the kitchen counter. Berenger: "I wish any of my kids worked so hard." Ujana: "Well, she didn't get it from me!" Berenger: "Ha-ha."
Panel 2: Maida opens up a holographic work station and a holographic cartoon shark appears as well. Maida: "Papadum, get my homework queued up." Papadum: "Right-o."
Panel 3: Maida and Papadum get to work on her homework while Berenger continues to work in the kitchen cooking and cleaning.
Panel 4: Maida's aunt appears in holographic form. Ujana: "Maida, it's time for tea." Maida: "Alright."
Panel 5: Maida, as she folds her workstation up into her ID card: "Do you have to do these tea meetings as well?"
Panel 6: Berenger: "Oh, no. I live on the property. I'm sure they see more of my kids than they'd like!"
Panel 7: Maida walks up a flight of stairs.