I have a confession to make. Maida’s name is not actually Swahili. It is a real name, she’s named after a real person, but I cannot attest to that person’s exact ethnic heritage. Anyways, Mars is a mish-mash culture and it certainly wasn’t only people from the east coast of Africa who settled there.

Her aunt’s name is Swahili, although, obviously, her last name is not. I’m sure there’s a story to that.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida and her aunt walk towards a humble side-entrance on the grounds of a large mansion surrounded by trees and gardens. The entire structure is under a greenhouse-like glass ceiling.
Panel 2: They wait outside the door. Door device: "Identity confirmed. Ujana Zhang and guest."
Panel 3: They walk up a narrow staircase.
Panel 4: They emerge into a large, tidy kitchen where a white woman is working. She is dressed in white and grey exactly like Maida's aunt. Berenger: "Hiya, Ujana. Maida." Ujana: "Good morning, Berenger."
Panel 5: Ujana hangs up her purse and Maida takes off her shoes. Ujana: "You'll be okay in the kitchen while I'm working?" Maida: "Yes, Auntie-ji. I have heaps of homework to do."
Panel 6: Berenger: "Your niece is such a good girl."