And, scene.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida steps out of a changing booth dressed in a long, black dress with a close-fit jacket and lace on the sleeves. Maida: "How's this?" Zaynab: "Perfect!"
Panel 2: Zaynab, who might be blushing: "You look... nice!"
Panel 3: Safia, with thumbs up: "Much better! You should definitely get that one."
Panel 4: Maida, as she looks at the price tag: "How much does it... oh. Uh-oh."
Panel 5: Maida, looking sad: "I guess I can't... actually afford this."
Panel 6: Maida, as she heads back into the booth: "I'm gonna take this thing off. Sorry." Safia, to Zaynab: "No wonder she dresses like a fugee." Zaynab, who is upset: "SAFIA!"
Panel 7: Maida is inside the changing booth as Zaynab shouts at her from outside. Zaynab: "She didn't mean it, Maida!" Safia: "What! She is a fugee, isn't she? That's just a fact."