The last panel here is our first chance to see outside. Antarca is a lot warmer by this time than it is in 2016, so, even in winter you can find ice-free places and even plant life. Although as Zaynab said on a previous page, “you’d freeze your butt off.”

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: The next day, Maida and her aunt stand on a subway station platform waiting for a train. Other people wait as well. Ujana (in Swahili): "Still not going to tell me what's going on, then?" Maida: "It's nothing."
Panel 2: Ujana: "The train's the only way to get there. I can't afford a minicab on my..." Maida, who looks a bit sad: "It's not that. I've been on trains since Mangala. I'm fine."
Panel 3: Ujana takes Maida's hand.
Panel 4: Ujana, still holding Maida's hand: "I'll pretend to enjoy this day if you will." Maida, who still isn't really smiling: "As long as I only have to pretend."
Panel 5: A train speeds out of a tunnel in a rocky, snowy, barren landscape with low light.