So to summarize, the class structure in the Earth Republic consists of:

Shidafu (government class) and amelu (property class)

Holy class and military class

Vaisya (business class) and sudra (professional class)

Fraction (servant class, born in Antarca)

Farang (servant class, born on Earth) and

Fugee (servant class, born off of Earth).

Thus ends the lesson.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Zaynab's voiceover: "The fractions are citizens, but they're mostly servants. They do the jobs no one else wants." Two fractions in the crowd are labelled as having an uncovered head, a home-printed jacket (cheap), bright colours, and low tech wearables.
Panel 2: Zaynab's voiceover: "Farangs were bornin other countries, like my parents, who came from Indonesia. They do the same sorts of jobs as fractions." Two farangs in the crowd are labelled as having a robe that's out of fashion in the city, a sun tan, work clothes (retail), and one is "lost without his map."
Panel 3: Safia: "And fugees. Well! You already know what a fugee is, innit!"
Panel 4: Zaynab: "Most girls at O.L.P.I. come from farang or fraction families. But we don't have to stay that way!"
Panel 5: Safia: "There's also the military class and 'oly class. Don't forget them! Everyone does though." The girls look out on the passing crowd once more. A Daoist nun and a Lunar war vet passing by are labelled.
Panel 6: Maida, holding her black hijab: "So... wear black, is what you're saying." Safia: "Black is best." Zaynab: "Plain colours like black, yeh."