Maurya City, the capitol district of the Earth Republic, is in Antarctica (aka Antarca). It doesn’t make much sense to start putting people on other planets while we still have entire land masses uninhabited and unterraformed on Earth.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: A busy street has a Chinese-style gate over it, with wrought iron and neon touches and "Peace Avenu" written on it. Zaynab: "This is the Night Market. It's got the best 'obby shops in Maurya City. They're cheaper than vaisya shops, but you can find posh stuff if you look hard enough."
Panel 2: High above, the street is closed in by a glass ceiling. Maida, looking up: "Sigh. I miss the open sky." Zaynab: "Open sky? In Antarca? It's winter, Maida! You'd freeze your butt off!"
Panel 3: Rows of makeshift sales booths and tables line the crowded street, with names like "Dumpling Storm" or "Dynamik Dvices." A Martian man at one of the tables shouts at Maida in Swahili: "Wy! Martian girl! You want any books? Music?"