“Shuai” is Chinese for “handsome.”

So if you haven’t figured it out already, I’ve had to cut back updates to one a week instead of two. I’m hoping this is temporary. It had better be temporary, I have a lot of pages yet to draw. I will update you as news develops.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida, with a cross expression: "Sorry, I don't speak Swahili." Zaynab is surprised.
Panel 2: Zaynab: "What was that about?!" Maida, walking away quickly: "Do I still look that much like an alien? I got rid of all my old clothes."
Panel 3: Safia shows up as a hologram. Safia: "You do a bit, sorry." Zaynab: "Safia! There you are. Are you still in Glacier Ridge?"
Panel 4: Safia: "My parents dragged me to this family party. It's alright, though, because there are boys here! Shuai ones!"
Panel 5: Safia: "The ones that aren't my cousins, I mean." Zaynab: "Safia, really!"
Panel 6: Safia, with an evil look: "Maida knows what I mean. You like boys, don't you Maida?"