Back to Maida’s flat.

The woman in the second panel is a “community safety volunteer.” Her job is to make sure certain public standards of decency are upheld. We’ll see her again later on.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida's block of flats is grey, blocky, and everything is concrete, metal, and brick.
Panel 2: Maida walks home along her floor's balcony. She passes an old, white woman with a black armband and an uncovered head.
Panel 3: Maida looks into her front door's camera. Door: "Identity confirmed."
Panel 4: The door clicks unlocked. Door: "Welcome home."
Panel 5: Maida enters her crowded, little flat and closes the door behind her. Ujana (in Martian Swahili): "Maida! How was school?"