Nothing against Li Bai. Li Bai is good. But it doesn’t matter what his poems are like when you’d rather be writing about your own life than reading about his drunken antics.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida: "Um, no Miss. I mean, yes Miss, I am, I was just wondering if... When we get to write our own poems.
Panel 2: Teacher: "Oh, Sweet Pea. Write your own poem? Did you not read the course description?"
Panel 3: Teacher, smiling: "Now I get at least one girl like you every year, so I'll just say this once for everyone."
Panel 4: Teacher, gesturing to the whole class: "You're babies! You have no business writing your own poems when you don't even know yet what's been done by your ancestors."
Panel 5: Teacher: "Appreciating poetry is a sign of high intellectual status that you lot can take wiff you no matter what class you end up as at the end of your education."
Panel 6: Teacher: "Even though we all 'ope you'll be vaisyas and sudras, of course!"
Panel 7: Teacher: "Now, my darlings, let's look up Li Bai in your textbooks. Let's start wiff one in translation first, alright?" Maida looks down frustrated at her tablet.