Poetry club!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: An assortment of students collect in seats in a classroom. Maida is one of them. The teacher is a wide, cheerful nun. Teacher: "Okay girls! Have a seat! Settle down!"
Panel 2: Jewana finds a desk beside Maida. Maida: "Jewana! You came!" Jewana: "I said I would, didn't I? I want to own a book shop. Poetry club fits perfect wiff that."
Panel 3: Teacher: "Welcome. Welcome. Twelve girls! That's almost twice what I normally get."
Panel 4: Teacher: "Now if you look at the course plan in front of you, you'll see an exciting list of the classic poets we'll be reading from."
Panel 5: Maida flips through the textbook on her tablet. Teacher: "We're going to start wiff some Li Bai to warm up. How many of you are taking modern Chinese wiff Miss Tanaki? Yes, yes, good." Some of the students put their hands up.
Panel 6: Maida puts her hand up. Teacher: "Yes, my darling. Are you in Miss Tanaki's class as well?"