There were a lot of ideas I had for what swearing would look like in this world, early in the writing process, that were frankly pretty dumb. At the last minute I finally came up with an answer, thanks to Quebecois French. In a world with so much structural reverence for religion, of course the worst things you could say would make reference to religion. So expect some light blasphemy from some of these characters, although I don’t expect it could ever fully replace the sex-shaming and bodily-function-shaming language so deeply embedded in any language with an Anglo-Saxon root.

Yes, the crow can talk. It’s a robot.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Maida collapses on the sidewalk and Simon trips over her prone body.
Panel 2: Simon staggers to regain his footing while the Muslima turn back to see what's happened to their friend. Simon: "Damn!" Maria: "Maida!"
Panel 3: Simon: "Oh damn! Oh angels! Are you alright?"
Panel 4: Maria, rushing to Maida's aid: "What was that?" Maida: "Gasp! Cough cough. Uh!"
Panel 5: the robotic bird on Simon's shoulder: "Caution! Physical assault is a serious crime!" Simon: "It's alright! She's alright! Sweart'almight I just tripped!"