Toya is a jerk sometimes.

“Ah-lian” is Singaporean slang for a girl who is typically (but not exclusively) Chinese, young, shallow, and dumb. Wikipedia claims it is roughly equivalent to the word “chav” in English, which is basically what I was going for here. I can’t find a literal definition of the word, but the fact that it’s got “ah” in front suggests it was originally an affectionate term that got re-purposed. If you know better, let me know.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Simon, coming towards the girls: "So what, you fink you can mess wiff me?"
Panel 2: Toya: "What are you gonna do, punch me in the face?"
Panel 3: Toya runs off down the street, leaving the Muslima to pay the consequences of her actions. Toya: "Later, slags!" Safia: "Oi!"
Panel 4: The other girls run after Toya as Simon pursues them all. Maria: "Run!" Zaynab: "Eep!" Toya: "Ha ha!"
Panel 5: Zaynab: "Toya, you devil-spawn!"
Panel 6: Maida is struggling to keep up and is out of breath. Maria: "Run, Maida!" Simon: "Stupid teenage ah-lians!"
Panel 7: Maida is dizzy and disoriented. Maida's voice-over: "Uh-oh."