Yes I did draw that double image twice.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Malagasy girl: "Just try it. You'll see what I mean!"
Panel 2: Overlaying the map from yesterday shows the same three revolutionaries standing in the exact same spots, although the people around them are all different. With the other image overlaid, the holographic signs say "Lied 2," "Bribd," and "Scared." Maida: "Oh. That's Tahmaseb's work alright."
Panel 3: Malagasy girl: "Pass it on, yeh? But only offline." Maida: "Those three are taking a massive risk even just standing there."
Panel 4: Malagasy girl: "Better them than me, innit! Anyways there's Easter eggs like that all around the Square today."
Panel 5: Malagasy girl, as she's walking away: "Nice to meet you! Don't forget to erase your casuals log." Maida: "Oh. Right. Sure."
Panel 6: Maida: "Papadum, erase my casuals for the last half hour. Then show me the map." Her holographic screen has a map of the area with dots for people. The people she knows form a rough approximation of the Chinese character for peace. Maida: "'Peace.' It figures. Which one's Tahm?"
Panel 7: She walks through the square some more, passing other revolutionaries acting out talking points.